Monday, January 23, 2012


2011 was a big year for us. As hubby and I were driving over to his sis and brother in law's house on New Years day, we decided to talk about our year of 2011 and go through month by month and talk about big events that happened. I want to recap those events and the events I blogged about through a bullet list and some pictures (mainly links to posts from last year). Let's get started!
*I changed up my blog to Teach.Run.Love.
*We had 4 consecutive snow days which rarely happens in TN.
* I started my recipe challenge:
You can see all my recipes on one of the tabs at the top of my blog!

*I started blogging about mine and my college room mates weddings.

*I continued with my recipe challenge and my wedding posts.
*My hubby decided he wanted to quit his job and start his own business but didn't know when he wanted to do that.
* I started training again for my 3rd half marathon.

*Derek turned 26
*We went on a short spring break trip to Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Phoenix, AZ. 

*I got to have a College girls weekend in Columbus! It was so awesome to get to spend time with my college girls! It was like old times!
*Derek decided to quit his job sooner than later and released EZ Budget app for the iphone.

*I finished my 2nd year of teaching.
*Derek quit his job the Friday before Memorial Day weekend. We headed to WV for a week and then to OH for a week.
*We got our fabulous bed in May.

 The summer was kicking off by heading to WV for a week. Mainly for my littlest brothers high school graduation. I got to spend a day shopping with one of my college roommates, Kelsey!

While home, I got to go visit MY first grade teacher. The one who inspired me to become a teacher and now I'm a first grade teacher!
We headed to OH to spend a week with Derek's parents. We got to relax, have fun and enjoy the week!

We had some golf lessons by my one and only awesome hubby!
Mom-in-law and I got to take some walks around the reservoir.
When we got home, we had some fun times at the ball park for church league softball, pool times with friends, meeting brand new babies, 1st birthday party, meeting my favorite author Karen Kingsbury and then that leads us to the end of June when we went on vacation with our friends TJ and Heather to a cabin on Boone lake in East Tennessee.

Karen Kingsbury :) My favorite Author!

I got my amazing camera early for my birthday/anniversary!!
Now to the pictures from our vacation!

*Our annual 4th of July cookout.

*My 24th birthday.
 Hubby and I went road biking on my birthday.
We celebrated with friends at Margaritaville for my birthday dinner!

*Our 2nd anniversary- We just made a nice dinner at home and went on a picnic convertible ride to Arrington!

*Our favorite 2 year old little boy's Elmo birthday party.

*My first giveaway on my blog.

*Master bedroom makeover (with paint and curtains)

*Day road trip with Heather, Emily and Lindsey to Atlanta IKEA and fun times!

*Paul McCartney Concert
Click above link for more pictures!

*Derek finished the MAC app for EZ Budget
*Derek was gone for 3 weeks roofing his parents house-rain delays
*Derek started working with a graphic designer for his business.

*Derek released the MAC app for EZ Budget
*We went home for my cousin's memorial service.
*While at home, I got to surprise my best friend at our High School's homecoming game.

*Game night at britt and AJ's new house
*Ran .5 miles without stopping with Kenzi
*Got a Garmin 410cx for Christmas

If you made it though the whole year, I congratulate you! I have a 2012 goal post to write, a secret to post about and a fun giveaway to review and post. Be on the lookout!


a day in the life... said...

what a great 2011 recap post! looks like y'all had a great year :)

Allison said...

Wow've had a great year! I love all your Month graphics. :)

Erin said...

So glad I've found your blog :) This post was perfect for me to catch up on what's been going on in your life!! You look so happy and looks like things are going so well!! Looking forward to reading along AND checking out some of those recipes!