Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's hear it for a great weekend!

Happy Monday, Ya'll! Sadly, this is my last Monday of freedom. I go back to school a week from today and kiddies come a week from Thursday. I spent lots of time in my classroom today and accomplished a little. Can't wait to show you my camping theme this year! I went to the gym afterwards and ran 4 miles today. I was suppose to do 5 this weekend, but other plans got in the way..yikes! Can't skip anymore long weekend runs. I did my 30 minute interval run and then walk/ran for the rest of the mileage. Came home, went to my pool for 45 minutes. Made dinner and now catching up on blogs and finally posting about the weekend!

Friday- We went to our friends house for a cookout. It was great times and good food!

Saturday- We (me, Heather, Emily and Lindsey) got up and left my house at 5:30 am bound for ATLANTA! We made it in 4 1/2 hours with 3 stops. First stop:
We got there around 11 and (with eating lunch there, spinach cheese crepes are AMAZING!) left around 2:15ish. I got some cute things but Lindsey was the one who bought the most! Her and her hubby are redoing a spare bedroom into a toy room and she lucked out with some great finds! Here's my loot:
A organizer box- $1.99, 3 silicone shape ice cube trays for making crayons-$1.99 a piece, storage clips- $1.99, a tea ball for loose leaf tea/spices-$1.99, Step stool for my classroom water fountain-$3.99. All under 20 bucks!

Our next stop was H&M- Emily scored some great finds and I got a set of 12 earring studs-$5.95!

Next was Trader Joe's for some 2 buck chuck!

Then we met up with one of my best childhood friends who lives in Atlanta, Katie, and we ate at Tin Lizzy's. A very yummy taco/Mexican place!

After dinner, before we were headed back to Nashville, we went to a mall for cupcakes! Lenox cupcakes, that is. They were yummy!!
We got home around 10 that night. It was a long day but a fun girls trip! (Lindsey has some more pictures on her camera that I hope to get soon, so when I do, I'll post some more :)

Sunday- Church was great and Sunday School was wonderful as well. We dropped off the bookshelf cubby system to Lindsey and Jared's house that she bought on Saturday, headed home napped, went to this sweet boy's birthday party

and then Derek is starting to teach me how to drive our standard miata! I did pretty well last night. We've had the car for 2 years, it's about time I learned how to drive it.

Hope you had a great Monday!

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