Friday, October 2, 2015

Welcome to our world-Olivia's birth story

Flashback about 4 months ago....
Weeks 36-39 drug on and on and on in my pregnancy. I was put on modified bed rest starting May 1st. I wasn't able to finish the last 3 weeks of school due to my swelling feet and blood pressure rising. My doc wanted Olivia to stay put for as long as she could because she was frank breech (feet up by her head) and didn't want me to have to have an emergency c section if at all possible. Due to Olivia's size and position, my doctor said it was very unlikely that she would flip and it probably wouldn't be safe for her to try to do a version on her to help her to flip.

Sitting in the doctor's office at 36 weeks being told that we need to schedule a c-section and being explained how that whole process would work was mind blowing. Those were not my plans. I wanted to have Olivia with the possible assistance of an epidural and have that experience. God had another plan in mind that was much safer and was the perfect way for our girl to come into this world. God gave me a peace about having to have a c-section and the new plan of action for our girl to be delivered.

The weeks felt so slow leading up to May 29th-Olivia's birthday. Everyday I would wish we would have to go to the hospital to have her. I was so miserable and feeling like I couldn't do anything because of being on house arrest....err I mean modified bed rest. I was lucky enough to be able to craft and do some small things around the house, go out to dinner occasionally and some errands instead of being prisioned to the bed all day every day.

My momma came into town memorial day weekend in hopes Olivia would come that weekend. She planned to be here for 2 weeks and it just ended up that she was here for a week before Olivia came and the week after. Mom and I finished some crafts and setting up Olivia's nursery, which I hope to share and post soon, ran errands, went to my doc appt and pre register for my c-section and she spoiled Derek and I with amazing meals and helped me with my "nesting" instincts when I couldn't do all the work myself.

My dad and nana got into town on Thursday the 28th just in time to meet me, Derek, mom, Tom, Sandy, Kenzi and Josh at Bucca Di Beppo family style italian restaurant for my last meal before Olivia. It was so delicious and great to be with my family before the day our lives would change forever.

I could hardly sleep due to anxiousness and being extremely uncomfortable. I had been sleeping in the recliner since mid March-late May and I was so ready to be able to sleep in my own bed again. I knew I needed to get some shut eye in between bathroom wake up calls because it was bound to be a big day.

My alarm was due to go off around 5 am. We had to be at the hospital at 6:30 am for a 9:00 c section. We had our bags packed by the door (and had been for the last 5 weeks! and I admit to taking our bags with us to every doc appt since 36 weeks just incase they had to admit me to have Olivia! Derek thought it was crazy and I do have to say that he was right.) I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off and decided to get in the tub to relax and try to not think of the horrible back pain I was experiencing. I knew that I had had several contractions over the last few weeks but nothing close enough together and not dilating to make me go to the hospital/call my doctor, so here we were, early morning of May 29th, the day we would get to meet our girl! Derek, mom and I were in the car and on our way to the hospital around 6 am. We got to the hospital registration entrance and they took me up to my room in labor and delivery. We got settled in and they gave me my awesome hospital gown to change into. Nana and Daddy got to the hospital and then Tom, Sandy, Kenzi and Josh. I got to talk with Jacob via text before going back to the OR and I also got to facetime with Adam and Ashley. To my huge surprise, they were on their way down to TN to be here by the time we got out of surgery!! I was so very excited to see my brother and sister in law. We definitely missed having Jacob and Hannah here at the hospital but we were glad to see them the following weekend! The nurses and anesthesia nurses were so amazing! They really talked me through everything that they were going to do and really put me at ease. It took the nurse awhile to put in my IV and that hurt a lot but after it was done, I was fine. We ended up not going back to the OR until around 10 am due to an emergency c section being done that morning.

My family gathered around my bed and prayed for us as we were getting ready to undergo major surgery and meet our girl! They wheeled us back and Derek had to wait outside the door until they were ready for him to join us. They took me in and the got me on the OR table. They put in my spinal block and it only pinched a little. Very easy experience. Then my legs started feeling heavy and warm. They helped me get back onto the table and the sweet nurse said she was going to do my catheter. The last muscle memory I had of my legs was spread eagle-and oh my was I embarrassed! I kept thinking in my head, "Pull your legs back together, Tiffany. You are on the OR table and they are not getting Olivia out that way..." But of course the nurses had put my legs back down after putting the catheter in. At one point I asked, in a matter of fact type voice, "Have you put my catheter in yet?" (I think I was more nervous about that than the actual surgery) and the nurses kinda chuckled and said yes, that they had awhile ago. My anesthesia guy was amazing! He kept me in the loop of what was going on and I kept saying that it felt like I was having an "out of body" experience. They probably thought I was the craziest c-section patient ever. When Derek came in, I was so glad to see him. I don't remember feeling any tugging or pulling or smelling or hearing any weird sounds or smells. I remember Anion (my anesthesia guy) peeking over the raised curtain saying everything was going well. Then I hear my doc, Dr. Redden (she is AMAZING!!!), say that her bottom was delivered, then her legs, then her body and her arms and then her head. Then she started crying. 10:38 am. Derek got to take a pic over the curtain of her and all I could say looking up at Derek was "That's our baby!!" He then got to go over to the warming table to take pictures of our girl as they checked her out and cleaned her up a little bit before bringing her over to me. I kept trying to peek around to see but they were a little too far from the other side of the curtain for me to see. They finally brought her over and laid her on my chest with Derek right there beside us. The nurses took pictures for us. It was so magical! I just couldn't stop kissing and staring at my girl. MY GIRL! It was the time I was dreading most...the time that they had to take Olivia to the nursery with Derek. I was not looking forward to being alone with out them in the OR so I turned into chatty Cathy (big surprise, right) while Dr. Redden was putting me back together. We talked about beach vacations and I told them how much I liked the 30A area/Seagrove area in FL. While they were putting me back together, we got a call from the nursery of her stats! Our big girl was 8lb 10oz and 20in long. Apparently they told my mom afterwards about our conversations during the "put back together" part.

When they were on their way to take Olivia to the nursery, Derek texted his mom and the whole clan ran over to the nursery window. The coolest part was Adam and Ashley (my brother and sister in law) were running through the parking lot and got off the elevator right as everyone was rushing over to the window to see our girl. They all got to see Derek show her off through the window. I love the pictures the nurses got for us in the nursery. I'm so glad Derek got to have that special time with our girl. She sure does love her daddy!

 I don't remember much after that but I got back to my room and got settled in. Derek came back in and Dr. Redden brought in my Olivia. I got to officially hold her to for the first time. It was so amazing staring at my girl realizing that she was mine! Dr. Redden then confirmed that it was most definitely for the best that she didn't try a version or that Olivia didn't flip on her own because the cord was wrapped around her neck once. The nurses and lactation consultants helped me with breast feeding-which is a whole other ball game and a whole other post that I will have to address later. I'll just say that breastfeeding didn't come easy for us but we have stuck with it and I can officially say that around 10 weeks-3 months, it became a breeze. Instead of me wanting to pump more than breastfeed, I would rather breastfeed than pump.

Back to May 29th,  we got to have some alone time, bonding with our girl and trying to nurse for about 2 hours after getting back to recover from surgery. Our moms came in first, then our dads, then our siblings and nana came in to meet and hold Olivia. I got sick 2 times that day, throwing up from the anesthesia/pain meds but started feeling better after that. We had lots of visitors come and go to meet Olivia and Derek only left to go home during the day to take a shower, nap and eat and he only left if I had someone there with me. Bless his heart, he slept on the pull out chair bed from Friday night until Monday night. We went home on Tuesday June 2nd, her due date. I was so blessed by all the amazing nurses, lactation consultants, and nursery nurses. We also love our pediatrician (Dr. Myers) and their office (Harpeth Pediatrics!!!) Our time in the hospital was great. Williamson Medical was awesome!

We headed home and then the real fun began! My momma was still here until June 7th! She was a huge blessing to us that first week home. From helping me with Olivia, to cleaning/laundry/cooking for us!

My inlaws have been coming to stay with us Monday nights-Thursday afternoon every week since after my mom left in June. From watching Olivia during the week while I'm at school, to cooking dinners, dishes and laundry, I do have to say that we are one blessed family!
I would say after 18 weeks, we have adjusted somewhat to this new normal! :) Still working on getting Miss Olivia to sleep completely through the night since she doesn't nurse in the middle of the night anymore.  We have great nights and frustrating nights but we will get there. It's hard to believe how much our girl has grown in such a short period of time!

I'm hoping to do some posts about Olivia's hospital pictures, nursery, these past few months, etc. 

Stay tuned!