Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Columbus Girls Weekend!

It's about time that I posted about my wonderful girls weekend in Columbus, Oh that happened two weeks ago...

We had such a great weekend! From late night hot tub chats, to Arbonne party, cooking together, Easton shopping, Cheesecake Factory and Jenny's Ice cream. It was a great catch up.


On another note, I was trying to figure out what to do with my hair one day last week. It was going to be raining and my hair is long and gets big and wild when it's humid and rainy. So I wore it up in a messy bun but my bangs are not short enough to leave down but not long enough to stay put in my ponytail or otherwise. SO......
TA DA...I just braided it. not french braid or anything. Just braided it and bobby pinned it back. And I loved it! I've done it several times since then. I know it may seem like...duh...that's silly, but I have a hard time finding cute hairstyles I like and that I can do.

Anyways...I hope to have my MAJOR recipe post up soon this week. Until then...you can read about my miserable 9 mile run on Saturday.

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Amber said...

I always braided my bangs back for soccer games :) see you soooooooon!