Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Life update

Hey Y'all! I thought I'd update you on whats been going on around here lately.

*Hubby and I are on a challenge to see who can lose 20 pounds first. Since starting our challenge, I've lost almost 9.5 pounds and he's lost 11 pounds. We started this at the beginning of March but I had already lost 3 pounds since January 1st. So total so far I've lost 12.5. Halfway to my competition goal weight and then I'd like to lose about 4-5 more pounds after that. How have we done this? Well hubby has cut out all soft drinks and only drinks water and propel zero. He drinks his recommended amount of water each day, has cut down on portions and he plays softball one night a week (3 games in a row). He also has been doing sit ups. I started the South Beach diet phase 1 cutting out all carbs and excess sugar for 2 weeks. I was very disciplined and did well. I am on phase 2 of the diet and can gradually add back in whole wheat bread/pasta, some fruit, etc. For me, it's been a lifestyle change. I know what I'm putting into my body and I want to put better things in my body. When I cheat (and yes, I cheat occasionally) and over indulge, I regret it totally because my stomach gets upset. I've also tried some gluten free items per my sister-in-law who is going gluten free. I've been training for my next half marathon coming up, so that has helped with my weight loss but I'd like to add more cross training and strength training into my workouts.

*I RUN MY 5TH HALF MARATHON TWO SATURDAYS FROM NOW!! Friend Heather, my brother Adam and I are running the Capital City Half Marathon in Columbus Ohio on Saturday May 5th. I'm so excited about this race because it will be completely different from my Nashville races. It will be flat and fast. I really hope to PR! My fastest is 2:50.
Country Music Half April 2010-  3:10:27
Women's Half Sept 2010-  3:17:04
Country Music Half April 2011-  3:13:37
Women's Half Sept 2011-  2:50:46
Capital City half May 2012: ?

I had a great run on Monday around Spring Hill. Here are my split times from my garmin watch.

*We are 4 weeks away from the end of the school year. WOW! Hard to believe. Lots of things to accomplish before I say goodbye to my firsties who have learned so much this year. 

*My friends and I are going to be spectating the country music half marathon this year. Some of our friends are running and walking and we know how important cheering sections/support groups are to help keep you going! GO CAROLYN! RUN RUN RUN! 

*My ETSY shop is still out there! I haven't had much business so far, so if you need a wedding gift, baby gift , graduation gift, birthday gift, or just want one for yourself, check out my shop! 

Happy Wednesday, Y'all!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy 200th post day!

YAY! This is my 200th post on this blog! (Sheesh! It took me long enough!)

(I'm so so sorry I'm a terrible blogger!)

Spring break recap:

Friday (March 30th) 1/2 day for students/whole day for teachers. Then hubby took me to go see:
It was AMAZING! I loved absolutely every minute of it. Hubby was surprised I liked it and he liked it as well.

Saturday: Long 9 mile run by myself in spring hill! It went great and the rest of the day was just hanging out and relaxing.

Sunday: Church, Lunch, relaxing.

Monday: Packed, hung out with hubby, church league softball games that night!

Of course I take more pictures of the kids than the actual game :)

Tuesday: We headed north to ohio to visit with the inlaws.

Wednesday: I walked 3 miles with my MIL and then later that day, all of us went to the golf course. Kenzi, Sandy and I walked while the guys took carts and played 9 holes. I got to play with my new 70mm-300mm lens! I LOVE IT!

Thursday-Sunday: We hung out, went to some antique shops, ate out, cooked in, went to Easter service at the in-laws church, and got on the road headed for good ol' Nashville! I also ran 10 miles on my own on Saturday! Overall, we had a great spring break! Not too many more weeks until summer break! I'm still working on those maternity shots but here's a couple to hold you over!
 I am so excited to tell you that the sweet baby boy in that belly was 2 weeks old yesterday and he is SO precious! I can't wait to take some pictures of him and his adorable big brother!

Happy Wednesday, Y'all! I promise to try to be a better blogger!