Thursday, January 19, 2012

Traditions, Traditions

I feel like I could break out in song from Fiddler on the Roof by my blog title today...*WARNING* Picture overload and a video* Anyways better late than never:
*Christmas 2011 Re-cap*

Derek and I left on the 21st to head to WV. We were in WV visiting my family until the day after Christmas. I had lots of fun getting to be with family and participating in those special traditions. I also made some new traditions this year! My mom and dad had to work most of the time we were in town during the day, so I baked, spent some time with my brothers and their girlfriends, friends, and enjoying the Christmas season!

We had our annual friend game night tradition at my best friend, Brittany's new house. I love those girls and am so glad we got to get together.
I also started a new tradition this year. I started the first baking day with my brothers girlfriends. Ashley and Sarah are so sweet and I'm sad I didn't get a picture of the three of us that day but I did get some of our baking outcomes!! It was so much fun and I love those girls to pieces!

Cookies Sarah and I made one night. 

Some of the awesome cupcake gingerbread houses the girls and I made. We got the recipe and idea from the cookbook "What's new, cupcake?"

We had such a blast creating them and that will be a memory and tradition I will look forward to!!
Another tradition I got to enjoy (but didn't get any pictures..ugh) was the Christmas eve dinner get together with my Dad's side of the family. My dad has a huge extended family that gets together every Christmas eve. I love getting to see all my great aunts, uncles, cousins, ect.

Mommy got me Christmas PJ's :)
Here are some of my parents decorations:

Tanner-the crazy golden retriever dog :)
Me and my brothers on Christmas morning
Me, Derek, and my brothers. Of course Tanner in uncooperative...
Take 2
Take 3
Jacob's new puppy, Remi, Tanner being the watch dog and we are done taking pictures. 

After we opened presents, we headed to church. Mom, my cousin Rebecca, and I sang a song at the church I grew up in (the church my parents still attend). Derek videoed it and uploaded it to youtube. I'm going to share it because I love the song even though it has almost been a month after Christmas. 

I hope you enjoy it!
After church, we headed over to my nana and rex's house for our tradition of Christmas dinner with Nana, Rex, Aunt Susan, Uncle John, cousins Andy, Misty and Leigh Anna. 

After Christmas dinner, we headed home to get ready for all of mom's side to come down.
We had a great time with my granny, aunts, uncles, and cousins!!
We got to visit with my Pa Paw and Shirley the day after Christmas before we headed out of town. We were then headed to North West Ohio to Derek's parents house. We had loads of fun eating yummy food, playing games, antiquing, and spending quality time with the in-laws and sis-in-law. Bro-in-law had to leave to head home to nashville early because of basketball.

We had some snow!!!
 Dad-in-law opening his presents!
 Sister and I both got Cowboy boots for Christmas!
 Mom-in-law opening her gifts!
 Derek got $$ to put towards his WWII Gun and neat WWII Canteens.
MIL got the much needed pot she wanted!

We headed back to the music city on New Years Eve and rang in the new year low key with our best friends, TJ and Heather. We played board games, danced the night away playing Dance Central 2, and watched the ball drop! It was a busy holiday season but an awesome one! I don't have pictures of them all but some of my favorite presents this year were my cowboy boots, several new pairs of boots, clothes, my garmin forerunner 410cx running watch and blu ray player with wireless so I can watch netflix in bed!! Also, tickets to go see Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney in concert this summer!! I am a very blessed girl and I hope all of you had a very Blessed and Merry Christmas!

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