Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm alive, I promise!

Hey Y'all! I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted. May 16th....Well a lot has happened between then and now, so I'll give you list style update. (I'm good at those :)

*I had my grand opening pampered chef show. It wasn't well attended but I got a lot of outside orders from friends and teacher friends.

*I closed 2 catalog shows in May for pampered chef.

*I finished out the school year on May 25th with an awesome annual end of the school year bash at my friend Amy's house!

*On the 26th, we headed to WV for a week!
         *Derek wasn't feeling well, so he dropped me off with my mom and dad and headed back to my parents house. We went up to UC to take pictures of Jacob and his girlfriend, Sarah as they were going to her Prom!

Adam (my youngest brother) and his girlfriend, Ashley were up there because her brother was going to prom as well!

*After all this, Mom, Dad and I went to this amazing little place called Vandalia Grille! It is in Charleston and for reasonable prices, has a more upscale variety of food. I had a grilled shrimp mango salad, dad had a goat cheese and duck quesadilla, and mom had some kind of chicken sandwich but it had a pesto sauce on it! The sweet potato fries for an appetizer were AMAZING! We walked around after dinner, down capital street to take some architectural pictures for my ETSY business and then we stopped at Ellen's for Ice cream!
So tasty!!

*Sunday, we went to church and went back to my parents to grill out and just relax. Monday, mom and I went to go get pedicures as a late mother's day present! We had a cookout at my Nana and Rex's house and then Derek and I went to my best friend, Brittany's house to hang out with her, AJ, Chris, Kelly, and some other friends that were there for a cookout. We had so much fun catching up and watching the bachelorette!

*Mom and Dad had to work the rest of the week but it was ok, because we got to spend time together in the evenings. We had mom's pampered chef party on Wednesday and it was a HUGE success! 25 people came and about 12 people placed orders that couldn't come. I made my first 30 day goal just on mom's show and well past that! We sold $1,844 in products at mom's show! I was so excited! We ended the week with graduation on Friday night. We had a lot of friends from my home church that were graduating and so mom and I went up for graduation.

*Saturday the 2nd, we left that afternoon for Cleveland, OH. We were going to a baseball game that night. We got to go with my dear roomie Katie and her hubby Matt!
*Sunday, we left Katie and Matt's for our 9 hour long car ride home. NOT FUN! We both just wanted to be home so bad!

*Last week, I had professional development Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I took care of my 3 required days in one week and I am really glad I did! I only had Tuesday and Friday to kind of relax and I didn't really relax. I ran errands with hubby all day Tuesday and cleaned all day Friday.

*Saturday is exhausting to the point where I thought I was getting sick on Sunday but all I needed to do was relax and take it easy to catch up on running myself thin on Saturday.
   *Saturday morning was sweet Addy's 2nd birthday party!
 * Saturday afternoon was Nicole's Pampered Chef show that I did
*Saturday night was my sis in law's surprise (which ended up not being much of a surprise :) 30th birthday party! I was WORN out Saturday night.

*This week has been nice but a little busy with errands and such but it's been nice to not have any deadlines.

I will promise to do my best to post more often. I think now that I have some normalcy in my summer vacation, I will be better. Even if it's just a quick pampered chef recipe or a quick weekly recap, I will try to post more!