Monday, October 3, 2011

Eye Ball two-o-one-one

Hey Ya'll! Happy Monday to ya! I have a fun event to share with you all! I got to go to this fundraiser event in Nashville this past Saturday night called:
Dr. Wang is one of the top eye surgeons in the world! He has a non profit foundation that provides eye care and surgeries to people who cannot afford eye care or these special surgeries. Watch this video about a guy who was in a factory explosion and lost his eye sight. Dr. Wang helped bring back some of his eye sight!

Anyways, I was able to go because my wonderful BFF, teacher friend, Amy invited me. Her husband is Dr. Rob Szeliga who owns Spring Hill EyeCare.  He had some extra tickets, so Amy got to invite her teacher friends! We got to dress up and ride in a limo. The evening was wonderfully filled with great converstaion, great food, beautiful ball room dancers, a international acclaimed pianist Ms. Graciella Kowalczyk, and fun dancing with friends! 


We had a blast and I was so glad I got to go! Thank you Amy and Rob Szeliga for such a fun night!

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