Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Nashville Flood.....

and how it effected me and my family.

It all started Saturday morning. Derek and I left our house at 11 am to drop him off at TJ and Heather's house in Antioch. We passed by the small bridge by our house and water had already risen a lot. I said, "Honey, I don't think we will be coming home tonight if it keeps this up." And well...I was right...We got on the interstate and were immediately stopped because of an accident. We sat and moved slowly for 30 minutes. We finally got Derek to TJ's and Heather hopped in the car with me and we headed out to Hermitage to get Lindsey for her baby shower which was in Hendersonville. We got to Lindsey's, (Her hubby, Jared left for TJ's to play video games with the boys). We were late to the shower because of the rain. When we left the shower, we drove for 3 hours to try to get to Heather's house to see the boys. It was a total failure! All ways to their neighborhood were road blocked because of water rushing over the roads. We ended up getting back to Lindsey's house in Hermitage safe and sound but were stuck there for 2 days without our hubby's. It was some adventure and totally scary, seeing that I was the one driving. My house is fine and our cars are fine but thankfully all of us and our friends are fine and so are their houses.All pictures were taken by Heather using her iphone as I was driving.

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