Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog friend

November 22, 2011: I'm thankful for all the people I've virtually met through blogging. I am very thankful that I started blogging in January of 2010 to track my half-marathon training on my old blog. It is still there and I love to look back on it from time to time, so if you are a new reader and would love to see my progress through my first couple half-marathons, check out half marathon trainee :) I started this blog that use to be titled "My life in Pictures" around February of 2010. I changed the website and name to Teach.Run.Love  this past spring and love that I have a one stop shop for blogging. I love to still write about my runs, I try to write fun things I find about teaching or things that I've done in my classroom, but mostly I write about day to day life and things I love!

I'm so thankful for all your sweet comments and that you read/follow my blog! I sometimes don't do a very good job of commenting but I do read your blogs!

Today was a great day, I got to run outside (for a mile) then I chickened out because it looked like it was going to storm, so I finished on the treadmill. BORING! I cleaned a bit, got ready and my MIL and I went shopping in Murfreesboro! SIL joined us this evening and then I'm finally home, enjoying a movie with the hubby!
One of my most favorite movies! And I've actually been to Serendipity 3 in NYC!

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

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MrsMiller07 said...

I love that Alex is in the middle of the girls at Serendipity! It was so nice to hang out with you last weekend! Enjoy your holiday!