Sunday, February 27, 2011

7 Facts Award!

I am so excited to receive another blog award! Sweet Heather over at Greer's Gossip awarded me with the Seven Facts Blog award! If you haven't stopped by her blog, check it out! It's super cute and she's a fellow teacher like me! Thanks, Heather for this award!
1. WE CAUGHT THE MOUSE FINALLY!!! One week later and I hate to be cruel but that little booger wasn't welcome in the Clark Household...(if you have no idea why I'm writing this see this post!) In the end, we spent way too much money on traps, glue pads (I know I inhumane..but desperate times call for desperate measures) and little ultra sonic sound things that plug in your outlets that drive mice/other rodents nuts. We got home this evening from being away for over 24 hours and....I'll spare you the details. I'm just glad I can rest easy tonight.

2. Blogging- My husband started a blog and my other friend, Kelsey, started a blog about her and her husbands adventures in Grenada (He's in Med school there), and so I thought, "Hey, I'm going to be training for my first half-marathon and would like to blog about it." So I started Half Marathon Trainee Blog. Then about a month later, I started another blog just about My life in pictures but slowly I was becoming less interested in just posting pictures, so I changed it to Teach.Run.Love and now I have neglected my half marathon blog. I'm debating whether or not to merge my half marathon blog to this blog. I also have loved reading my real life friends that have blogs and meeting new blog friends in blog world :)

3. I am learning to love to cook and bake! I have really enjoyed making new recipes each week and broadening our taste buds! I regret not being in the kitchen more with my mom growing up learning how to cook, but better late than never, right? :)

4. I've completed 2 half marathons but I haven't even done a 5K race. That will all change this coming weekend when I do my first 5K around the Opryland Hotel!

5. I would love to go see Carlo's Bakery from Cake Boss! I would also love to learn how to decorate and make awesome cakes!

6. I love to go on cruises! Well, I've only been on one-for our honeymoon in the Southern Caribbean, but one trip can make you fall in love with cruises. We want to go on an Alaskan cruise and Mediterranean Cruise in the near future!

7. I really miss seeing my family. We are 6 hours apart from each other and I have definitely missed hanging out and going shopping with my momma.

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Have a wonderful week!!


Lindsey said...

you are right! cruises are great! love them:)

Lindsey said...

ps. that is awesome that you are so into running! i really need to get back into it! i just can't find the motivation after a long day of teaching. my first graders take EVERYTHING out of me!