Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Emily and James Mummert

A guest post by Mrs. Emily Mummert!

James and I first met at Freshman orientation. We remained friends until January of our freshman year until one crazy weekend at Stacy's house in PA! Which is the same place where James proposed to me! He told me he was going home for the weekend while me and the roomies had a girls weekend at the Newburg home. Much to my surprise, he was there when we came back from shopping on his knee in the exact spot where we had our first kiss!

Wedding day: September 5th 2009

It was a GORGEOUS day in September when we tied the knot. We had our ceremony in my childhood church, Church of the Nazarene in New Philadelphia, OH. It was a bird themed wedding, hence the peacock feathers, birds, birdcage veil, and lots of bird seed.  We had real live "doves" (aka white pigeons) that we released after the ceremony. They were actually from Kelsey's dad!!! We named them Fred and Ethel. They supposedly flew back to Kelsey's hometown after we released them.  The three little boys by the birdcage were my cousins and I assigned them to "bird security". Love the picture of Pete pretending he had an ear piece.

My favorite part about the ceremony.... When James and I "tried" to kiss he went to lift my veil (which I had pre warned him not to because it would rip my whole hairdo out!) and I screamed "NO!" Little did I know, James had a mic in his tux and the whole church heard it and everyone was laughing hysterically. It was a moment we will never forget!

The reception:

We had our reception at The Carlisle Inn in amish country. GOOOOOD FOOOOD!!!  We first stopped at a winery for some pretty pictures then headed to the reception for some fun.  The reception place was beautifully decorated with mini birdcages, peacock feathers, and lots of sunflowers. There were other wild flowers mixed in, plus we had a bunch of mums around too. Get it? Mums...MUMmerts! Anyway, the day was perfect and practically flawless.

I too am hoping for another chance to wear my wedding dress!  I'm so glad we got to share the day with all of our friends and family (minus Tiff ;) She was there in spirit).  It's almost been two years into our marriage and we are MORE IN LOVE THAN EVER!

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