Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Love Love

Usually I am all for Valentine's Day but this year it has been so crazy!!! We dismissed early last Wednesday because of the chance of snow coming. We were out of school Thursday and Friday. (I went to the doc Wednesday afternoon-diagnosed with a sinus infection so the days off were blessings in disguise) Valentine's day in first grade on a MONDAY= pure chaos and insanity!!! We had to play catch up this morning with reading and writing, while trying to do that, get all these little valentines into these cute little boxes the children made and brought in...

 This was such a cute and creative box made by a cutie boy in my class :)

My Valentine box made last year and hope to have it last many years :)

We went to lunch, came back and it was almost party central for an hour. I have wonderful room mom's and parent volunteers who plan the party, so my job is to enjoy and help out! We made a cute little craft:

We played Valentine Bingo with pink and red m&m's. We had chocolate fondue :)
We opened our Valentine's (we were suppose to put them in a scrapbook but ran out of time) and we ate some yummy treats!
I made the kids this cute little valentine idea I got from The First Grade Parade
Gotta protect my kiddos :) Love the cute little valentine though :) 
I also got lots of candy, cute stationary and these beautiful flowers from some of my students!
After the Valentine's party, I had to get the kids off to their specials class and have a sub in my room for the rest of the day to go over benchmark Aimsweb scores with the first grade team and admin. Talk about a CRAZY BUSY DAY!!!

I also came home to a wonderful surprise!! My hubby came home for lunch and did all the dishes for me. He knows how much I hate doing them and surprised me! He also made us Chicken Parmesan for dinner and we watched What Happens in Vegas with a short intermission to watch House! It was a much needed relaxing evening after the madness of today!
We ate living room style tonight while we were watching our movie :)

Despite the craziness of today, I had much love come from my kids at school and my wonderful hubby!

P.S. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby brother who is 18 today!!! LOVE YOU!

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