Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Post poned

My friend, Emily, didn't get back to my on doing her wedding post, so I am going to post pone her post until next week. I wasn't able to be at her wedding, so I want her to be able to put all the details on here and great pictures! (Not many on Facebook, I could use)

I forgot to post the cake I made for the super bowl!

I finally went to the doctor today since we dismissed at 12:30 because of the threat of snow (it didn't actually come until a little after 4), I have a sinus infection and hopefully after several doses of antibiotic I will be on the road to recovery! I went to Kroger to pick up my prescriptions and get some groceries. After I got home, I POURED the SNOW! I haven't gotten the call telling me about school tomorrow, but hopefully the Hallelujah chorus will ring :)

Tonight and (hopefully tomorrow if we have a snow day) I will be working on and posting our 100th Day rotations activities! I also want to post some classroom door decorations that I had a parent do last year!

Stay Warm!

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