Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Teacher Talk Tuesday

Teacher Talk Tuesday- Top ten things newbie teachers should know. The first year is always survival mode but trust me, it gets way better after that!

10. Establish classroom procedures the 1st day of school. If you teach little ones, like me, stretch those out between the first couple of days but PRACTICE those explicitly EVERY DAY for several weeks. They will catch on!

9. Be organized- I'm still working on this one :)

8. COMMUNICATION is KEY! Communicate with your teammates, staff, parents, other students in the building, etc. I use email communication a lot with my parents and notes for the most part.

7. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If I wouldn't have had my awesome 1st grade team my first year, I wouldn't be where I am today. I still need them and we work awesome as a team but being hired to teach for the first time 1 day before school started was completely overwhelming and they helped me out so much! This is not only about asking for help with co-workers, ask parents to volunteer as well!

6.  Make to-do lists! Prioritize what is important and what needs to get done first!

5. Be a life long learner- read new books that will improve your teaching, go to professional development, check out all these amazing teaching blogs, etc.

4. Smile to everyone you see in the school! Smiling in contagious!

3. Be flexible! Things will not go as planned and you have to just go with the flow. If you don't get something done on your lesson plans that day, carry it over to the next day.

2. Have fun and stay positive!

1. Most importantly, take care of yourself and your family. We can get caught up in school work that we forget what is most important. If we don't take time for ourselves to recharge, burn out and sickness will occur.

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Ashleigh said...

Your #1 is so true! It's so easy to neglect yourself and even your family, because teaching is so consuming.