Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dear wonderful ladies and my father in law (who is so sweet and checks my blog everyday!!!),

I'm taking a week long (well maybe just until Monday) hiatus. Can't be long on here because school is calling my name. I was there from 7:40 AM-8:15 PM yesterday (meetings, decorating, and meet the teacher night). I have so much left to do before kiddos come TOMORROW.....YIKES! So long, farewell (just until Monday)...hope I make it out alive again...what am I talking about, of course I'll make it out alive. I might have dark circles under my eyes but I'll be alive.  Thanks for the love :)

P.S. MY ROOM IS GOING TO BE SCHWEETTTTT! Can't wait to share pictures (I'm even excited to go in my room everyday.)


Heather said...

I cannot wait to see the pics of your classroom!! How exciting!

Megan said...

Even though you're on a "hiatus" I still check you blog from my blogroll list every day [sometime multiple times] out of habit.

Amanda said...

Can't wait for the pictures! My bestie is a teacher and she's in decorating mode too!

Nina said...

I've been working in my classroom nonstop too. There's always more to do! Can't wait to see pics of your room! I'm a new follower :)