Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Golf lesson #1

Tonight I had my first real golf lesson given to me by the best golfer I know, my hubby! He played for his high school team and was the captain of his college team. He impresses me every time I see him play or even practice at the driving range. That is where we went tonight. Me, Derek and his mom went to the driving range tonight. I was taught the uses of all the different clubs, was taught how to use the pitching wedge and driver. I practiced swinging a lot and hubs says I'm too stiff and I don't use my whole body. I gotta work on that! We also went over to the putting green and chipped some balls and putted. I definitely need more lessons but I think this is something that I might like to do every once in a while. The only down side, besides me not doing the best, is two lovely blisters on my left index finger and middle finger. I guess that's what you get when to first start out. Derek might take me golfing with his mom and dad Thursday night but we'll see. Maybe I can get him to let me practice some more before that. I'm not sure I'm ready to play for real. Until next time, check out my golf pro doing his thing!

Excited to show you what I'm loving tomorrow!

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