Thursday, June 23, 2011

Becoming Mrs. Crafty

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Back to the real reason for this blog post today. I have been instilled with craftiness my whole life. My mother is the crafter/creative extraordinaire. She scrapbooks, makes jewelry, takes beautiful photographs, is awesome with children, makes cute cakes/cookies/candies, makes beautiful wreaths, etc. You name it, she probably can make it...or help you think of an idea and then help you with it. By the way...she also made all my wedding flowers. From centerpieces for the reception, to the corsages/boutonnieres , all of the bouquets, the ring bearer pillows, the flower girl baskets, the flowers for the ceremony,  vamped up my cake topper, any so much more..What did I forget, mom? I really think she should open up at ETSY shop. She'd make a killing!

So I'm trying to be as crafty as my mother..and start some projects. I found this one on Pinterest!! FAVORITE PLACE EVER!
My friend, Lindsey's daughter Addiston just turned a year old and to go along with some books that I bought her, I made this:
Her bedroom is in pinks and browns, so here's the how to:
What you will need:
-a jar of buttons (or the color of buttons that you want to use)
-a frame
-hot glue gun and sticks
-card stock
-glue stick
How to do it: I cut the card stock to fit in a 4x6 frame. I free handed the A and cut it out. I glued it onto the card stock with a glue stick. Now you wouldn't have to do this step if you just wanted to pencil the A in on the actual card stock, I just thought it was going to be easier this way.
 Jar of buttons from an antique store close to Hubby's parents house in Ohio. 

 Sort out the buttons you want to use. Make sure you have a variety of sizes

Arrange them and start gluing!

There ya have it! Cute button monogram.
I've been working on some other projects for my house that I will post soon!
Be Blessed today!


-Kelsey said...

so cute Tiff!! nice job!

Greer's Gossip said...

Love that A. I am going to have to get crafty at some point this summer because I have seen some really cute ideas lately!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog earlier today! We do seem to have a lot in common! I love your button craft project! So cute! I might have to try it! Enjoy your summer break!

Allison said...

Good job Mrs. Crafty. I have that pinned on my DIY board! I love how yours turned out and can't wait to make my own!