Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday's Recipes

Hey Ya'll! I am back in action with Friday's Four New Recipes. I've decided to not limit it to four because I just want the freedom again and not feel guilty if I don't post four every week. I also want to share old recipes that we love, not just the new. I'll post a few today and then I have a special one coming next week that will be featuring this cute book that I LOVE!
Green Monster Smoothie
4 or 5 leaves of spinach
handful of frozen blueberries
half of a banana
some strawberries
1 tablespoon of ground flax seed
1 cup of almond milk or any milk you would like

blended to perfection.

Note to self and others-DO NOT USE KALE...GROSS!

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
(We had our first grade picnic and had a ton of leftover what did I do? Tried to make some orange juice)
No wonder OJ is so expensive.

15 orange only made 1/4  the pitcher. It wasn't that good either...not enough sugar apparently. Derek and I will be buying our OJ from now on! :)

Brownie Heath Bar Triffle
Brownies-made from the box
package of Heath bar bites (found in the baking section by the chocolate chips)
2 containers of cool whip

Layer brownie, then cool whip and then heath bar. Repeat until your triffle bowl is filled!

And there ya have it! YUMMY!

Happy Friday Ya'll!

P.S. YOU DID IT!!! I have 52 followers and my first giveaway will be when we get back from vacation! We are leaving today for our lake vacation with friends! I'm so excited! This giveaway is going to be AWESOME!


A Day in the Life... said...

I may be making the Brownie Heath Bar Trifle soon! It looks SO good! Have fun on vacation! :)

Amber said...

Jesse and I have made fresh squeezed orange juice and it was delicious! We didn't add anything though, just squeezed the oranges into a glass. It was sooooo good. Maybe we had different oranges?

Allison said...

Your Heath Bar Triffle looks yummy. Have so much fun at the Lake!

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

My mom and I call the heath bar trifle...Death by chocolate and it is MY FAVORITE! I always request that she makes for every occasion! It also tastes great for breakfast! lol!