Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WILW and Oh how Pinteresting :)

Hey Ya'll! First off, my face is getting better! I go for a follow up with my doc and then to a dermatologist tomorrow. The ginormous knot on my face is shrinking!! HOORAY! And it doesn't hurt as bad, guess those strong 4 pills a day antibiotics are doing the trick! I'm linking up with Jamie again to share what I'm loving!!

I'm LOVING..that my face is getting better...I'm not loving that I've had to wear my glasses since Sunday because my eye was least they are pretty cute glasses, I just prefer contacts.

I'm LOVING that I've been finding some great deals lately! I got these cute boots from Goodwill for $1.99.
I also went to the Lebanon outlets with Lindsey and Addy. I got some nike running dri fit tight capris, which I've been needing forever...had a giftcard with 8 bucks left on it and only paid $13 for the capris. I also scored a cute 3 quarter length sleeve dress from Banana Republic Factory store for 5 DOLLARS!!

I'm Loving that our room is painted and our curtins are hung! I PROMISE to post pics tomorrow. I only have crappy iphone pics, I need to take some with my schweet camera!

I'm LOVING that I got to bake with a little girl from my class and her mom last week! We made homemade auntie anne's pretzels and 'smores bars..courtesy of my pinterest obession..

I'm LOVING that me and my girls are taking a day road trip down to ATLANTA on Saturday! We are hitting up IKEA (which I've never been before) and Trader Joe's and out to dinner.

I'm LOVING my sweet husband, family and friends!


I'm linking up with Michelle for Pinterest Wednesdays!

Two weeks ago I featured some of my favorites in my Teaching Board. Last week, I featured fav's from my Running Board. It would only be fitting to post some from my LOVE board this week! So here ya go: LOVE
I'm originally from WV, so I loved this necklace!
I love this idea and want to do this in my closet someday when I have a HUGE closet!
I love the show, The Big Bang Theory. I can't wait until it comes back on!
I LOVE fun fingernails and toe nails! 
I LOVE living in Nashville, TN :)
I love this bathing suit and hat!

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Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Love your pins! You will just love Ikea! We used to live by one and I miss it! I also received my school give away! Thank you so much! I just love it! I'm working on my blog post about it now! :)

Sarah said...

I Love all of these pinterest picks! you have such cute taste :) And congrats on getting your room painted! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

Anonymous said...

I love IKEA...I'm sure you will too, so much to look at! :-) Have fun!