Sunday, July 10, 2011

Run Forest Run...

Well Ya'll, I hope you had a great weekend! I sure did! We went to Chuy's on Friday night with my BIL, SIL, MIL, FIL, hubs and my FIL's friend Terry. It was SOOO YUMMY! One of my fav's! Saturday I dropped hubby off at the meeting place to meet his BIL, FIL, and Terry to go play golf. I headed over to the downtown Franklin Starbucks and ordered a skinny mocha coconut frapp and sat outside to read my book.

I was waiting on my SIL and MIL to get there so we could go Antiquing! We hit up so many shops and I finally found a picnic basket ($11) for my camping themed classroom/for me and hubs to use too. We ran over to the mall and then went back to SIL's house. We made sandwiches and packed up the cooler and picnic basket and headed over to Arrington Vineyard for Music in the Vines. It was BEAUTIFUL!
We were going to go to church but hubby wasn't feeling too well this morning. We just hung out and had everyone over for a cookout this afternoon and SIL and I went down to the pool for a bit! Tomorrow is mine and Derek's 2 year anniversary! It is SO hard to believe that time has flown by this fast!

I'm starting my Women's Half Marathon training tomorrow. Check it out here! I made a google doc for my training plan. I merged couch to 5k and the marathon rookie. According to Daily Mile, since January of 2010, I have gone 298 miles. WOW, that's a lot! Tomorrow I will be doing an interval run. I need to be able to run more than walking if I want to PR. I will still use the run/walk method because I'm not built as a full blown runner but I want to really try harder to run more!

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Nicole said...

I LOOOOOVE those books!!!