Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Wednes.. err..Thursday- Katie and Matt Henry

My sweet roomie's hubby, Matt, is our guest blogger today! She was busy with work today so he volunteered to post for her! So sweet!

Me, Matt and Katie at SonFest outdoor all day concert at our college
Katie and I don’t remember the very first time we met. We had mutual friends so we hung out with each other and knew each other from our mutual friends. I always knew who Katie was and always thought she was so pretty but I also felt that I would never have a chance with Katie. The first time that Katie and I hung out was my Junior year and Katie’s sophomore year. My Grandpa had passed away that year and had a TV at his house in Springfield, Ohio, that I really wanted. I asked Katie to go with me, and as she will tell you, she felt sorry for me so she came. We visited my Grandpa and Grandma at the cemetery, which was probably very awkward for her. Like I said already, I felt like I never had a chance with her so time went on. My senior year, Katie went on a J-term trip and I was stuck in Mount Vernon. I had really started to like Katie so I was emailing her while she was gone and she would email me occasionally. She came back and we began hanging more and eventually started dating in April.

Katie’s senior year, my 2nd senior year, Katie went on another trip to Papua New Guinea. I was living at home working at Toys R Us trying to save money for a ring. While Katie was gone, I got the ring she had wanted and got her Dad’s blessing to ask her to marry me. I was so excited to ask Katie and just give her the ring as it was very special for me. Once Katie had returned from her, what seemed like 10 year trip but was only 3 weeks, I asked her if she would go back to Springfield with me so I could get flowers for Grandpa and Grandma’s cemetery plot.

It was February 7, 2009 and Katie and I were on our way to Springfield. My good friend from college lived there in Springfield and was good with photography so I explained the situation to him. We were at a park my Grandpa and Grandma used to take us kids to when we were little to feed the ducks. Just a side note; Katie had told me before that she didn’t want me to propose with a stupid taco bell sauce packet that said will you marry me. Of course me being the romantic guy that I am, got a taco bell sauce packet and while Katie was feeding the ducks, I got down, not all the way on my knee because it was snowy and muddy, and Katie turned around and I handed her the sauce packet with a cheap ugly ring and said, “will you marry me?” She said, “Yes, but not with that ugly ring.” That’s when I pulled out the real ring and gave it to her and asked her again and she didn’t reply. She was smiling and still didn’t say yes, although she didn’t say no. I explained to her the meaning of the day and why I chose that park. The diamond in the ring, was my great great grandma’s diamond and was passed down to my grandma. I wanted to do something that was special to me and make it special for her.

November 7, 2009, my life as a free man was ended. One of the greatest days of my life, was seeing my gorgeous bride walk down the aisle to me. I will never forget seeing her for the first time that day. Tears came down as I saw the most beautiful bride ever! My favorite part of the ceremony was when my dad served communion to Katie and I and prayed for us.

The reception was a blast! I couldn’t believe how many people were dancing, including 3 Nazarene Pastors. It was great!! The special dances were my favorite though. Katie and I danced to Until You by Dave Barnes, Katie and her Dad danced to Always Be Your Baby by Natalie Grant and I danced with my Mother to Perfect Fan by Backstreet Boys. It was the perfect day with a temperature of 67 and sunny in November.


Katie and I have been married for a 1 year and 4 months. God is continuing to bless us and use us in the youth group at our church.

 Thanks Mattchew :) It stinks living so far away from each other! I was so honored to be a part of their special day! If you weren't a follower way back when, check out my  27 dresses blog post! 

Check in later today for a Dr. Seuss celebration and pictures!


-Kelsey said...

so sweet of Matt to do this!!
I love them so much :)

Matt said...

Trust me, I didn't volunteer. But I was happy to do it! I enjoy writing about my wedding day and leading up to it!! Miss you all very much!!!