Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things to be excited about...

1. 5 days until Spring Break!!! We will be traveling a bit to:
And here:
And here:
(Phoenix, AZ for Spring Training)

2.  I am also so so so excited to start this series here and there:
3. I love Hubby's new toy:
The beloved Ipad 2! I'm in love with FaceTime because my brother has an iphone 4 and I can see him and my family in WV :) We still have the iphone 3GS.

4. I went to the place below for the first time on Saturday with a few of my girls! It was AMAZING!

Back to "watching" the PD course I have to finish by Friday and hopefully I will be finished with it TONIGHT!

A question for all my teacher blog friends (or other friends who have creative minds :):

How should I decorate my classroom next year? The first year, I did under the sea with fish and treasure chests, this year was a castle/fairytale theme. I really want something really cute. We aren't allowed to hang things from the ceiling because of fire code but I would love to come in over the summer and create something amazing if I thought of a great theme.

Night all :)


Brandy said...

How about a movie theme (the kids are the stars!) or a jungle theme (they're the wild animals! LOL...just kidding)? So much you can do with both of those. If you search around the blogospere you can find examples of these and so much more!

Amber said...

you're going to Phoenix??????? I'm assuming Goodyear, if your're going to spring training. so jealous!

Jayme said...

Sounds like a fun trip!!!

I am a high school teacher, and I giggled when I read about decorating your classroom in a "theme". My room is so random - I guess the teenagers just don't care as much as the little guys. Good luck!