Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top 10 things to do on Snow Days!

 This week we had 4 consecutive snow days. Our county is so big and the rural parts have many areas where the ice couldn't melt. We don't have much equipment to take care of such things. The following is my top ten things I did during the week of being a housewive and free to do what I want!!
10. Clean the Kitchen, do laundry, and clean the extra bedrooms.
9. Stay in my PJ's and watch netflix.
8. Update this blog and spend way to much time on facebook and on my computer in general.
7. Made some great meals for lunch and dinner.
6. Slept in!
5. Played Kinect Dance Central, Your Shape Fitness Evolved and did my training runs.
4. Drank lots of hot chocolate!
3. Realized I don't have to do lesson plans for next week :)
2. Went shopping at Cool Springs with Lindsey and Addy (got some great deals!) and went over to Amy's for sledding, hot cocoa and attempting to build a snowman with her and Jackson! (snow wasn't wet enough)
1. Getting to eat lunch with my hubby everyday!

Tomorrow we have school on regular schedule, which  means 2nd nine weeks awards ceremony in the morning and fun MLK day lessons! Have a fabulous Friday!

P.S. I did, in fact, change my url! I was talking to my computer savy, techie hubby and he said my other url was too lengthy, so I changed it to my new blog title:, so if you want to, you can change it on your blog roll!


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