Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in pictures

I was convinced to sign up for a half marathon by my sister in law. I started my running blog. I had many snow days for school. No pictures for this month :(

Our first married valentines day.
Snowed in weekend at TJ and Heather's.

Best friend came for a visit and we went to see opryland!
  Went out to Wasabi hibachi restaurant for Lindsey's birthday.

We celebrated Derek's 25th birthday. I also signed up for The Women's Half Marathon that came in Nashville in September.
We welcomed home one of our great friends from Iraq.

 April was a huge month for me!!
More training walk/runs with Kenzi to get ready for our Half Marathon.
 Met Tim McGraw at his book signing for Love your Heart.
Met Kix Brooks at Arrington Song Writers night.
 I COMPLETED MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!! Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville.

We became debt free except for our house thanks to our dedication and Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University! What a great feeling to have paid off all my student loans the day before my 1 year graduation anniversary!

We also had a terrible experience here in Middle Tennessee. The Flood of 2010. Me, Heather and Lindsey were stranded at Lindsey's house for 2 days and our husbands were at TJ and Heather's.

I was the one driving through all this...very scary!!!  I completed my first year of teaching as a first grade teacher!
June held a lot of fun times. Baby Addiston Rose Miller entered this world!

Hung out pool side.

Went to church league softball games. Hurt my foot training too hard to fast and get tendontits in my foot so that delayed my half marathon training. Derek, TJ, Heather and I went to the Nashville Rising Flood Relief concert which was amazing and tons of awesome country music artists performed. Tim and Faith, Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray, and so so many more!

We also celebrated Kenzi's Birthday at Bucca Di Beppo!

July was super fun as well!
I celebrated my 23rd birthday with some friends shopping, eating and yoguarting in Franklin on my actual birthday.  Derek also made me dinner and bought me my fleet feet running shoes! We also went for an evening swim!
We celebrated my 23rd birthday at Mafiaoza's and then to The Big Bang dueling pianos that weekend.
4 days after my birthday we celebrated our one year anniversary!! We went on a hike to some waterfalls and ate our wedding cake! It was actually pretty good!

We ended July vacationing with Derek's family in Charleston, SC!
Accelerated Reader (A.R.) progress board

My Classroom Door! Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Welcome to the Kingdom of First Grade!

Clark's Castle!

The queen teacher herself!
Derek broke both of the bones in his left forearm during a church league softball game and had to have surgery. It was extremely painful and a long road to recovery.  My second year of teaching started up. I can definitely tell you that this year was much easier than the last start of the school year!

I completed my SECOND HALF MARATHON during the month of September! I convinced my friend, Heather, to do this one with me and now she is hooked too!

I attended my first WVU football game in Morgantown, WV with my family.

We also ventured down to Chattanooga, TN for a gun show and ruby falls!

We also got a new couch and coffee table for our living room in which we use to have a futon.
To end October, we attended my teacher friend, Amy's, halloween party. I went as a Half Marathon runner.
We started out November with a trip to see Chihuly at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens for Kenzi's late late birthday present.

I'm sad I didn't get any Thanksgiving pictures at my parents this year or Friend Heather's birthday celebration girls day out.
We had an extremely busy December filled with some great times with great friends and family making wonderful memories!

I'll start with our annual Longview Staff Christmas Party!

 The other half of our first grade team's picture turned out blurry :(

Now I will take you on a tour of our Christmas Decorations!
Our front door! I picked out the wreath and decorations and my momma made it!

I added our picture Christmas cards to my china cabinet!

Our stockings!

I love my first nativity! It has scripture on each figure pertaining to them. My aunt got me the willow tree nativity starter for Christmas, so next year I will have 2 nativity's!

My team of teachers and I had our first ever progressive dinner and it was a blast! We went to all 6 of our houses to see each others decorations. I'm sad I didn't get very many pictures and the pictures I did get, my teammates would kill me if I put them on here!

Next fun outing was Opryland Hotel to see the newly renovated hotel and new decorations!
Heather, Emily and I had a blast walking around and even enjoyed some pizza from the Italian restaurant inside the hotel!

Baking day at friend Heather's house with her momma, sister, me and Lindsey with Baby Addy!

Then it came time for Christmas traveling...
Off to Ohio we go!
We had a white Christmas!

Yay for Christmas morning!

Then we traveled to WV to my parents house for a couple of days. We went Skiing with my brothers Adam and Jacob, Jacob's girlfriend Andrea. We had a blast and it was Derek's first time skiing! We used his Ripxx ski app for the iphone and Andrea got it for her Android! It was fun to see our top speed and such!
Mom and Dad's tree!

Mom stole the Christmas ornament idea from my friend, Amy!

Now onto the skiing pictures! We had so much fun and it was so beautiful up on the mountain! God's creation is so breath taking!
Beautiful mountains of WV
Getting ready to hit the slopes!

Andrea and I after a long afternoon skiing!

me and my hubby!

The 5 of us! Adam, Derek, Me, Andrea and Jacob! Thanks to Jacob's mad long arm skills!        
Last highlight of our WV trip was our annual game night with friends! I was so sad my best friend was sick and couldn't make it :(

Boxers or Briefs is such a funny game!

We ventured home on the 30th. We celebrated New Years Eve with friends and Family. Of course I only got one picture of me and my friend Lindsey at her house. 

2010 has been real...ready for what 2011 has in store for us! 

Check out my half marathon training blog for my fitness goals/personal goals for 2011!

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