Monday, February 13, 2012

Teacher Valentine's

Hi Y'all! If you are a teacher or just want a cute, cheap way to show your love tomorrow, I have the cute solution for you!
Materials: Card stock, pencil, heart sticker or cut out, glue stick/glue dots, and a red or pink pen.

First you need to trace your hand and cut it out. Next, you can glue on the heart sticker or cut out on the palm of your cut out hand. Then, you need to use the pencil to roll down your middle and ring finger. Use some glue dots to secure the two curled down fingers. Write the date and your name around the heart cut out and then attach an un-sharpened pencil to the back.
Happy Monday!


a day in the life... said...

super cute! :) have a fun day tomorrow!!

Allison said...

So cute...I'll have to remember this for next year. Hope you have a great Valentine's day girl! :)