Saturday, February 18, 2012

12 in '12 goals update

We'll Y'all, I've accomplished some of my goals for the year!

6.Have the experience of someone sponsoring  a review/giveaway for my blog. Check! I hosted a giveaway from Mymemories digital scrapbooking software company!

9. Start my own business. (Look out ETSY!) I opened my ETSY shop late January. I opened the ETSY account on January 10th, 2012!

13. (my extra goal) Have one date night a month with hubby. January's date was last minute because I made these goals at the end of the month. On a Sunday afternoon, after church, we ate a Chipotle on West End Ave and then went over to Centennial Park to take some architecture letter pictures for my business!
*For Valentine's Day, we had a low key stay at home date! Check it out here! 

I also finished the second Hunger Games book: Catching Fire! SO good! I'm wanting to read the third but I want to borrow it off my kindle and I have to wait to until next month. You can only borrow one book per month. UGH! I WANT TO READ YOU:

Happy Saturday!


Allison said...

Congrats on your accomplishments! Such fun goals to check off. :) Can't wait for you to read the next Hunger might have to give in and buy it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by, lady! And I'm a new follower of yours too. I just LOVE that you are reading THG series. We should get a group of Nashville bloggers to go see the movie when it comes out! I'm praying that the production Gods didn't change it too much! :)

Can't wait to meet up with you soon!

Keep Shining,

Erin said...

Go get 'em girl!!! :) You are doing great! THG books are definitely on my to-read list for 2012!!!