Monday, September 12, 2011

My best run yet!

Hey Ya'll! Happy Monday to ya! I hope it's a great one and it starts your week off wonderfully!
I just had to share this morning about how I accomplished a big goal this weekend. I had the best run of my life. I don't want to toot my own horn but I was so proud of myself afterwards! My ultimate goal is to make it under or at 3 hours for my next half marathon. I'm running the Women's Half in Nashville on Sept. 24th. My pace has to be 13:44 for each mile to make it a 3 hour half marathon. I'm a run/walker so I needed to figure out my ratio to be successful! I was definintley successful because I ran 9 miles (by myself again :) in 2 hours and 58 seconds! I needed to run it in 2 hours and 3 minutes to be at a 3 hour pace. I started off with a 6 minute brisk walk and then went into 1 minute running 1 minute walking ratios. My wonderful best friend, Heather, let me borrow her garmin watch since she is off from running with a stress fracture. :( My slowest mile was 13:56! Hopefully I can upload my chart on here later today when I know what I'm doing and set up an account on the website! Sorry about no pictures today and I hope to be a better blogger this week!

Also, check out the book tab at the top of my page to see some more books I've read this year! I just finished Karen Kingsbury's newest book Learning from the Bailey Flanigan Series. It was AWESOME!

Anyways, have a blessed day!

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