Thursday, September 22, 2011

Half Marathon #4

Hey Ya'll!

Sorry it's been awhile. Life has definitely got a hold on me and I feel like I've been in a whirl wind of busyness. Saturday will mark my 4th half marathon!
I'm very sad to say that my partner in crime/runner friend/bff/etc won't be able to run with me because of a stress fracture. :(
But I'm very excited that I get to experience the race with my long time childhood and now we live in the same city again bestie, Emily;s, first half marathon. We went to the expo this evening and the swag was pretty good. I love the shirts this year! They seem A LOT better than last years. I just love lots of things about this race minus the course, but we will overcome! One of my favorite things about this race is the bib:
Here's a pic of all the swag I got tonight:
A full race report will be coming SOON! Have a wonderful weekend, Ya'll! And good luck to any of ya running in any races this weekend!


hseabrooks said...

So excited for you friend!! You and Em will do great. Don't let the course discourage.

A Day in the Life... said...

Good luck!!! :)

Peyton @ When All Else Fails Smile said...

Wow, well I guess it's congrats now! I left you a little award on my blog, come check it out, congrats!!