Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday once again......but this may be the BEST Wednesday yet! Link up with Jamie to share what you're loving!
I'm LOVING...that today is my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kids got out half day yesterday..sad bittersweet but thankfully I didn't cry my eyes out like last year! (I think it was because I had just finished my first year-which was a whirlwind anyways and my kiddos were so sweet) My babies were so sweet this year but it was a relief to be finished with year number 2! We get to leave today at noon if our checklists are complete!!!

I'm LOVING...that tonight my first grade team is celebrating with our annual deck party at Amy's :) Loads of laughter and fun! I have THE BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm LOVING.....that I get to see my family in a few days for a week!!

I'm LOVING....that my hubby is so excited to start his new business! His last day is Friday at his old job and we are having a "Yay Derek's starting his own business party" on Friday! Check out EZ Budget here! Go and "Like" his page on facebook, if you can!



Elle The Heiress said...

I'm so excited for Derek's new business!

stoppingfordaisies said...

Wow, last day already! Mine is on Friday, but graduation was today... I didn't cry like last year tho either. Congrats on year #2!

Allison said...

Happy Summer!!!! I still have a week to go and am so looking forward to it. I'm passing along the Stylish Blogger Award to you. Have a great weekend!

Peterson's Primary Peeps said...

I still have a couple more weeks before summer break. Lots going on today at Peterson's primary Peeps. Last day for the give away of flower clips that can be used for all different things. Plus some new games posted and caterpillar projects. Come on over to