Monday, May 16, 2011

A leap of Faith and a Summer Schedule

We have some news and are taking a huge leap of faith!

My hubby resigned from his job 2 Fridays ago and his last day will be May 27th. He resigned so he can start his own business. Now don't freak out like I did at first. We started off on the right foot financially when we got married. Completed Financial Peace University (Dave Ramsey) and became debt free (except for our house) in 10 months. We paid off $28,000 in 10 months!!!! It is still crazy to me that we actually did that! We have been saving like crazy since then and have about 10 months of our expenses in an emergency fund. He created a blog called Christian Common Cents and has since sold it but still writes for it! So hubby is starting his iphone app/software business. He has several apps (Look him up on the app store: Derek Clark) He has recently released a budget envelope app that you can find here. He is looking into making software for this and an ipad app for it. We are both really excited about it because if it is successful, we can be much more flexible with trips, traveling to see family and so on because he can just bring his computer to work. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we begin this journey!

I want to make a summer schedule for cleaning, exercising, and fun things. I know that this summer will be different because Derek will be home working and I won't want to be in his hair all day (his desk is in our living room because our town house doesn't have much room for it anywhere else). I'm so bad about keeping the house clean during the school year and then when I clean on the weekends, it takes me forever. So here it goes and let me know if I'm missing cleaning something...
Mondays: Vacuum/mop
Tuesday: Laundry/change sheets
Wednesday: Bathrooms
Thursday: Dust
Friday: FREE DAY!
Everyday: keep kitchen clean, keep things straightened up, and make bed.

For Fun activities:
Pool, scrapbook days, organize at home and at school, photography (I'm getting a canon rebel T1i soon for b-day/anniversary!!!!), recipes (cooking more/baking more), try to blog everyday and home projects.

-train for next half (The Women's Half-Nashville in September) at the end of June (hopefully my knees will be cooperating and healed)
-Jillian Michaels 30 day shred

That's about it for now. 7 more days until Summer Freedom...except it felt more like March today :(


Anonymous said...

That is really exciting!! I hope it works out for him. And congrats on becoming debt free, I would really like to be like that one day..

ashley (redonk runner) said...

wow, what a fun move! i'm going to check out your hubs apps and blog he sold.. i'm always so excited when people get the opportunity to do something they love and find rewarding. and WOW! $28k in TEN MONTHS! you're now an inspiration to me as me and my hubs are trying to pay off some hefty debt in the next year.

Megan said...

Hope you don't think I'm creepy for seeing some of your posts linked on Facebook and reading a little bit to see what you and Derek are up to. Good luck with all the changes to come!

Susan said...

Good luck to Derek and you!

Love your summer schedule. Sounds like a good idea to make different goals like that. I have not bothered to make non-school related goals yet. I probably should though so I feel like there was a summer!

A Day in the Life... said...

First of all, love this post! So many great things! I'll be thinking about you and your husband as you embark on this new journey. May the Lord bless y'all through every decision made :) Love you schedule too- I need that to keep myself productive!

Good luck on these final days of school- we're down to 12! Can't wait!! :)

Allison said...

Great idea to have a weekly schedule...especially when it comes to cleaning. If I don't plan it, it won't happen nearly enough. Yikes. I'm so looking forward to summer so I can get organized and take time to catch up on my scrapbooking too. Can't wait!