Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Monday of the SCHOOL YEAR!!

Hey Ya'll!

Today is my last Monday of the school year and the kiddos only have today and a half day tomorrow!!! I go until Wednesday but HOORRAAYYYYYY! It makes me want to sing "School's out for the summer!" The weekend came and went too fast! Hubs and I brought back yummy Italian food from our favorite, Joey's Pizza and Italian Friday and watched "No Strings Attached"
It was cute and funny..the language was much at times but Hubby and I really enjoyed it!

Saturday was spent cleaning this place up and doing laundry! I babysat for the sweetest almost 2 year old boy Saturday afternoon/night while my WONDERFUL hubs went and picked up our new bed and put it together! Pics to come soon! I am so excited to do some summer home projects!!

Sunday we tried to make it to church but traffic from construction made our interstate a parking lot, so we went up to my brother in law and sis in law's house for lunch after they got home from church. I discovered this AMAZING blog yesterday, thanks to my SIL :)

You can visit this blog here!
It is full of awesome and affordable home decor ideas! I can't wait to get to some garage sales and antique stores this summer!

We also had our girls Bible study group down at my house (which is 35 minutes from everyone else but it was so nice of them to come!). We always have a great time and awesome converstaion. We are almost finished with this book:
 It is really good! We are all trying to live better stories for our lives and we are going to finish up this book by making a "memorable scene" by all going to the BellBuckle RC Cola and Moonpie festival in late June!

I finished my Sunday meeting up with my partner in crime, teacher friend, Amy...or Aimsweb as I like to call her or Francesca Isabella, Monticello as she goes by at Starbucks when they write her name on the cup. It's a riot every time we go! I got to be Duchess Tiffany of Spring Hill last night! It was a treat and I only told the guy "Tiffany" but it was nice to have that fun surprise on my cup of wonderfulness aka the mocha coconut frap!!!! We met up to do report cards together. It is just nice to do them with someone that can keep you company when you are doing something so boring! It was a little after 9 last night and I thought we were golden because the website said it closed at 9:30..WRONG-O...the nice guy who took our orders came over to check on us and in the nicest way possible he pretty much kicked us out..we felt bad that we had kept them there later but he said it wasn't our fault but someone came through the drive through. All in all, I got my report cards done with the exception of attendance because I have to take it today :)

HAPPY MONDAY, YA'LL!!!  (hope I didn't bore you too much this morning....this wasn't suppose to be such a long post but oh well..when my fingers start typing they don't know when to stop...seee........)


stoppingfordaisies said...

I love that, the last Monday of the school year. Totally awesome way to look at it! And sounds look a good weekend. :)

Elle The Heiress said...

Wow, what are you going to do all summer long? Scrapbook? =)