Thursday, January 8, 2015

My 19 week bump

It's A GIRL! 
How far along: 19 weeks 2 days
Baby's size: mango/ 11 oz!!!
Total weight gain: I still have only gained 2 pounds!!!
Maternity clothes: YES! Loving leggings, skinny maternity jeans, and this amazing gray sweater dress that I found on clearance at Target! 
Stretch marks: no.
Sleep: some days good, some days bad. Some days I have bizarre dreams that wake me up...
Best moment of this week:  Our doctor's appointment/anatomy scan! Getting to let the cat out of the bag with our confirmation of the sex of our baby! 
Miss anything:  not this week! 
Movement: Definitely feeling baby move more. Still nothing extremely noticeable. 
Food cravings: Pulled BBQ pork!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  not this week!
Have you started to show yet: Have I started to show????? HELLO! I'm almost halfway to my due date!
Gender:  Our little Miss Olivia Michelle will be her daddy's girl and her momma's world! 
Labor signs: - 
Belly button in or out: in
Wedding rings on or off: On 
Happy or moody most of the time: a little of both. 
Looking forward to:  Celebrating the news of our baby girl with everyone! (Our families and friends found out around Christmas due to us going to a 3d/4d place but our doc confirmed that it was a girl at our ultrasound this week! 

Prayer for Baby: 

Little Miss, 

I loved seeing your sweet little face today! You just wanted to see what was going on and not let the sweet ultrasound tech get a profile view. You eventually let her but not for long. I loved seeing your sweet hands and fingers, your sweet feet and toes! Your little lips are just too precious! Daddy and I were so amazed to see your spine and little heart beating! Mommy can't wait to starting thinking about your nursery and making all kinds of bow and frilly stuff for you! I love feeling you move inside me! I can't wait for daddy to feel you move around, too! 

Your Mommy

Dear God,
I am overwhelmed that you have chosen me to be the momma of a precious little girl! It is a miracle to see the incredible baby growing inside of me. Help me to trust in you every day and always seek your guidance. Help me to trust in you during the difficult days and rejoice with you in the happy days. Help Derek and I to always put You first and help us to always cherish these last few months just being the two of us. 


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Susan Dean said...

I am soooo excited.
Love you.