Saturday, February 8, 2014

Happy 100th Day of School!

We survived 100 days of Kindergarten on February 5th!

My Kindergarten team of teachers had shirts made that said "I survived 100 days of Kindergarten!"

We hung a huge 100 at the entrance of our hallway and cut out one of the zeros for everyone to walk through!

The kiddos had to wear something of 100. I had a lot of cute, unique ideas that came in on Wednesday! From hot glued play dollar bills/coins, to a "cool school" of felt fish, safety pinned jingle bells in a 100, the Chinese symbol for 100,  to fruit loot and beaded necklaces. We had a great day of reading 100th day books, doing exercises in 100 seconds, graphing, writing what we will do when we are 100 years old and celebrating our place value pocket chart getting to 100!

I also started my own teachers pay teachers store! Check it out! I have a 100th day Movement cards for sale!

Tiffany Clark's Teacher Pay Teachers store

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