Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wednesday Love on Thursday

I was really hoping I would get on the ball and link up with Jamie again for What I'm Loving Wednesday but I failed. Instead, I bring you my loves on Thursday!

I'm loving that we have a 3 day weekend this weekend!

I'm loving that my dad made it out of his shoulder surgery ok this afternoon. He had to repair a bicep tendon rupture and while they were in their he had a tear in his rotator cuff. He's in a lot of pain so if you could say a little prayer for Jerry, it would be much appreciated! It will be a long road to recovery but I know he will get there!

I'm loving that my kindergarteners are growing and learning everyday! We had our aimsweb benchmarking for the winter (letter names, letter sounds, segmenting sounds and blending sounds) and all my kids did incredible from where they came in to begin with. I had a child who couldn't identify a single letter or tell me a single letter sound at the beginning of the year and now they are in the above average section of our data chart and said 61 letter names in 1 minute without any errors! ONE HAPPY TEACHER! I also got proposed to yesterday by a little boy in my class. "Mrs. Clark, I want to marry you!" Glad I'm loved! 

I'm loving my Pampered Chef business! It is so exciting show people new recipes, awesome products that I use everyday and sharing why I believe in this company. They sure do take care of their consultants! 

I'm loving my girls Bible study group and the Beth Moore "Breaking Free" study we are doing. God really is working on my heart. I know that I hold in things and don't speak my mind when I should and I want to try to do better about speaking the truth in love.  

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