Thursday, January 3, 2013

13 goals in 2013

13 goals in 2013

1. Get down to 135 in weight. Build lean muscle, become stronger and toned. Eat healthier. Drink more water!

2. Go on a date (either out or at home) once a month with my wonderful hubby!

3. Get at least one recruiter under me in Pampered Chef.

4. Have a substantial amount of money saved up to build our house.

5. Do at least 4 shows a month with Pampered Chef (can be a combo of cooking/catalog shows)

6. Sell $24,000 in PC products this year.

8. Go on a caribbean cruise with my family and in laws this summer on the Royal Caribbean's Allure/Oasis of the Seas.

9.  Read through the New Testament.

10. Pray/devotions daily with myself and with hubby.

11. Take more pictures for my blog, family, and for my photo business. *BLOG MORE OFTEN!*

12. Deep clean, organize, and touch up paint in my house to get ready for a possible sale sometime this year!

13. Try to stay positive in every situation.

Goals are just wishes unless they are written down! Let the games begin, 2013! I know you will be a great year!


Allison said...

Great goals Tiffany! I decided to write mine out today on my blog too. Good luck!

Erin said...

I'm seriously SO HAPPY to see your blog posts again-- I know I just said that on the last one, but I mean it!! ;)

I would love to hear more about how you get started in PC, if you ever have time!! :)