Friday, January 4, 2013

2012: A year in review!

2012 year in review


New Years Eve with Heather and TJ playing games and dance central
Started a weight loss goal
Friend Katie P. moved to TN
One Snow day from school
Started ETSY business read all about my business by clicking on the link!



2nd blogiversary
Saw Josh Turner at the Grand Ole Opry with Heather, Tracy, and Mary
Super Bowl Party at our house


Started really training for my 5th half marathon
Derek turned 27
Read the hunger games series
Opry Mills finally reopend after the flood disaster
Hubby and I started a weight loss competition. First to lose 20 pounds (should've done a BMI or percentage competition)
bought my 70-300mm lens


Hubby had an article in the paper about his business/ez budget app
down 12.5 pounds since January


went home to wv for memorial day weekend and had my biggest pc show at mom's house
ran 5th half in columbus, under 3 hours See race recap if you click on the link!


on our way back to TN, we detoured up to Cleveland and stayed with Katie (my college roomie) and her hubby matt, went to an indians game!
Short hair cut
Hubby won our weight loss competition
brothers of the sun tour at LP field


Turned 25 on our trip
came home from our trip
3rd wedding anniversary
Went back to WV for Brittany's PC show
Bought 26.5 acres of land in Eagleville
First Fall launch of PC meeting
Sugar Rush with em and heather


Started teaching Kindergarten (my 4th year of teaching)
Went home for mom's 50th birthday
bought a ford f -150
built a fire pit on the land
Dave/Matt concert


Softball labor day weekend trip to cincy/trip to IKEA
My family came for Michael and Amanda's wedding and we took them to the land
Katie had a huge PC show for me
Went to Bella Rustica
got a mac book air


Got a new SUV-99 Infiniti QX4
First annual Clark/Howard Fall festival
Got to spend a day with Kala Butler


MVNU homecoming
WV thanksgiving
visit with the hildebrands


TN christmas-wv after christmas
took pictures with me, Derek, Kenzi and Josh out on our land
Saw Les Mis with mom
went ice skating
annual baking day with the girls (brothers girlfriends:)
trip to opry land with Emily
nutcracker/melting pot with Heather
saw home friends/family
New Years eve with fam and friends
Real Diamond earrings (in my first hole)! Wonderful Christmas surprise!

Another gift from my hubby!

Opryland Hotel

Beautiful Opryland tree

Friend at the Melting Pot!

I could've had the whole bowl of chocolate fondue! 

The way friend Heather and I celebrate Christmas together!

Christmas morning in TN at Kenzi and Josh's house!

My brother, Jacob's girlfriend, Sarah and the Apron I sewed for her!

Ashley (on the left, my brother Adam's girlfriend) and her apron I sewed for her.

Childhood BFF's 

My brother Jacob making 16 pounds of deer jerky!

Homemade peanut brittle we made!
Well that is about it for my year. I can't wait to see what happens in 2013!


Kelly said...

Loved reading all about your year in review. Hope 2013 is just as good for you.

-Kelsey Coghill said...

Hey Tiff!! I'm going to start blogging again, for real :) lol I'm so proud of you for keeping it up!!
and those aprons are AWESOME! good for you!!
and love the pictures with the tractor, adorable!
love ya!