Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Deep Covered Baker for 60% off???

For any of my readers who are Pampered Chef fans, this post is for you!!

Meet The Deep Covered Baker by Pampered Chef

This glorious kitchen tool is great for quick, delicious home cooked meals, savory sides and even scrumptious desserts! 

This is one of Pampered Chef's best selling stoneware pieces!

Some of my favorite recipes that use The Deep Covered Baker are: 

Chicken Parmesan Soup (made in the microwave in under 20 minutes) 
Pork tenderloin with the smokey BBQ rub (Pampered Chef pantry rub) in the microwave in 13 minutes
Chicken lemon pesto pasta (in the microwave)
German Chocolate Lava Cake in under 10 minutes in the microwave

This baker is great for casseroles, lasagnas, soups, even a small whole chicken! 

It is also great for summer cooking (using the microwave doesn't heat up your house as much as the oven does!)

If you are convinced you need this incredible kitchen tool (and the above recipes), just host an online/facebook show this month and get it for 60% off! You only have to pay $34! (Regular cost is $85) 

Email me (tiffanyclark87@gmail.com) or Comment if you are interested in hosting a show! 

*For you to take advantage of this deal, your show must get to $150 in product sales before tax and shipping! 

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