Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Life Update

A lot has happened since I last posted in February. I said I wanted to be a better blogger this year but so far, life has taken priority!

For now, I'll do a little recap month by month:

Attended the spring new product launch for Pampered Chef in Atlanta
We booked our summer vacation for June. We are going to Seagrove, FL! SO excited!
One of my best friends had her baby shower in WV! YAY for Kelly and Baby Brylee

Had a wonderful snow day!
Kenzi and Josh (SIL and BIL) sold their house and moved to a rental townhouse.
Had a yummy breakfast on a Saturday morning at First Watch in Cool Springs with Heather, Nicole and Emily!
We had a guy come out and start clearing some of the woods on our land for house plots! They are not taking out my favorite big tree, though!

Hubs celebrated his 29th birthday!
Had a fun spring break at home and then our god parents came to visit for a long weekend!

We found out that our neighbor, Farmer Jimmy, now has horses in his cow pasture behind our land! I will be able to see them out my kitchen window when our house is built!
Went to go see God's Not Dead! It was AWESOME!
My Kindergarten class (and all the other K classes at my school) went on a field trip to the Nashville Zoo. Tons of fun! Me and my teacher friend, Amy!

Went home for the long Easter weekend! Had a great lunch date with my daddy, got to meet Kelly's sweet baby Brylee, went to little cousin, Evelyn's birthday party, and got to go to church with my family on Easter Sunday!

Went roller skating in our school's gym with the kiddos during PE.

Threw a pretty wedding shower for my baby brother, Adam and his bride to be, Ashely. One of my besties came with me to WV for the first time to keep me awake on the car ride and to help with the shower! She's a gem! 

I finished my 5th year of teaching, 2nd year in Kindergarten. 

Sold our town house. 

June: Packed our house. 

Adam and Ashley got married.

Went to Seagrove beach, FL on 30A with my parents, Derek's parents and his sister and brother in law. 

Moved into our big rental townhouse.
Closed on our old town house. 

Celebrated my 27th birthday. 
Went on a mini 5 year anniversary vacation to Philadelphia. 

Went to the pool, hung out with friends, and enjoyed summer vacation. 

Derek's dad had surgery to remove a cancerous mass on his spine. They didn't get it all so chemo and stem cell/bone marrow transplant treatment is a must. Please keep him in your prayers as he undergoes treatment!
Started my 6th year of teaching, 3rd in Kindergarten.
Met Miss Londyn Everleigh Szeliga! A sweet blessing to a great teacher friend!

Spent lots of time getting my classroom together.

Visited with Kelly, Chris and Brylee when they came to Nashville.

Getting back into the routine of school.
Spent lots of time with Derek's dad and family.
Had a little baby sprinkle dinner for my friend Nicole with our friends, Heather and Emily!

Went to Cincinnati for the church league softball tournament. My parents came over and stayed with us. Went to IKEA and Tom and Chee. 

Met little handsome little Briggs Isaac Hermon. Jax is a sweet big brother! Nicole and Troy are a blessing!

Met with our builder and architect to go over our plans. 

Our friends Amber and Jesse and their girls came into town and we got to see them and spend time with them. (SO sad I didn't take any picture of that weekend!)

Went to the first musical put on by TPAC of the season with friend Heather! Went to Melting Pot for dinner (Cheese/Chocolate) before the show!

*I will try my best to post more often! I want to redesign my blog and need some suggestions/help! Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

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Allison said...

It was fun catching up on your blog! You've had a busy, but fun few months! Hope to see you back here more lady!!