Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Goals for 2014

Hey Y'all!

My goals in 13 were:
1. Get down to 135 in weight. Build lean muscle, become stronger and toned. Eat healthier. Drink more water! That was a negative. Unfortunately, I became very discouraged this past year and did not reach this goal. This is the year though because I have to! 

2. Go on a date (either out or at home) once a month with my wonderful hubby!
We did go on more dates but probably not once a month. I do feel like hubby and I spent more time being together this year. We had some great dates: trips to home depot/lowes/Ferguson's/home expo center to look for home ideas for our new house we are going to build this year, dinner or lunch out (puckett's, picnics to arrington, pizza dinners on the land), saw a couple movies, and just had a good time.  

3. Get at least one recruiter under me in Pampered Chef.
YES :) I know she can do great things with the Pampered Chef! 

4. Have a substantial amount of money saved up to build our house.
We are getting there! We are excited about starting to build this year! 

5. Do at least 4 shows a month with Pampered Chef (can be a combo of cooking/catalog shows) That didn't happen regularly but will be a regular month this year. I will make sure of it! 

6. Sell $24,000 in PC products this year.
Not even close but I did make it to $15,000 in personal sales since starting April 2012!!

8. Go on a caribbean cruise with my family and in laws this summer on the Royal Caribbean's Allure/Oasis of the Seas.
YES! Well, my family didn't get to come but my in-laws, SIL, BIL and our friends TJ and Heather went on a Western Caribbean Cruise on the Oasis of the Seas in May/June 2013.

9.  Read through the New Testament.
I will finish it this year. Great start and valiant effort!

10. Pray/devotions daily with myself and with hubby.
We did really well with having devotions together most nights and I did have a good start to quiet time. I am starting a new devotional this year and am loving it! I also got back into journaling and I've kept up with it so far! 

11. Take more pictures for my blog, family, and for my photo business. *BLOG MORE OFTEN!* So sorry friends! I'm regretting it myself as well!

12. Deep clean, organize, and touch up paint in my house to get ready for a possible sale sometime this year!CHECK. Whew, we did it all. We deep cleaned, ugh! We touched up paint, got a storage unit, cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. We are still cleaning and keeping our house up almost every day incase of an unexpected showing. 

13. Try to stay positive in every situation.
That is a prayer I say every day!

4 goals in 2014:

1. BE HEALTHY-in weight, be comfortable in my own skin, when I see myself in pictures I'm not embarrassed, in what food I choose to eat, etc. I know it is not all about what the scale says but I need to become healthier! Hubby is on this journey with me as well. 
*My plan: Drink the preferred amount of water a day, use myfitnesspal app to track what I am eating each day, do a monthly weigh/measure to be in accountability with Friend Heather, exercise for 45 minutes for 4-5 days a week, and continue to do my Today's the first day: a journey to weight loss and balance devotional and journaling. 

2. Sell our townhouse and move into our dream home on the land!
*My plan: keeping our house clean and ready to show is always a task but I am going to try to keep it nice and neat everyday. Keep calm as we make decisions and not to second guess myself when picking out options of house stuff. Be very organized when packing up to move to the new house. 

3. Have a profitable business with The Pampered Chef, grow my team and business. 
*My plan: have 4 cooking shows a month selling $1,000 or more a month, recruit 2 or more people to join my Pampered Chef team, express to everyone how this business can change your life and prove it to everyone. 

4. Become closer than ever with my heavenly father and my husband. 
My plan: have daily devotions/prayers/journaling every day, be still and listen to what the Lord is trying to tell me, have prayer time and devotions with my husband, go on more dates, be the best wife I can be.

Here's to reaching my goals in 2014!

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