Sunday, April 3, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

This was a perfect Sunday, friends! Church was awesome, as well as Sunday School, Chipotle for lunch was fabulous as always, then my friend Heather and I went on a leisurely walk for a little over an hour at Radnor beautiful yet so close to Nashville.
They have a paved mile long road that you can go up and back on or you can venture out on several of their mulched trails. We went on the paved road for awhile and then decided to go on a trail to get back to the car. It is a wildlife reserve, so we saw all kinds of animals. Cranes, geese, tons of turtles, deer, ducks, etc. It was so beautiful to not be outside and it was so relaxing. We stopped in at my fav, Sweet Ce Ce's!!! We got back to our hubby's at Heather's house and then we went home. I begged and pleaded asked my hubby nicely if he would take me for a ride in our little "Barbie Car" red Miata with the top down since it was so nice and the sun was setting and of course we went on a little drive to get Derek some Sweet Ce Ce's. I'm proud that I had enough will power to say no to Sweet Ce Ce's (since it would've been my 2nd today). It was a perfect day!

Have a WONDERFUL week!

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