Friday, March 19, 2010

Our Honeymoon

Our Honeymoon started off really rough...see my hubby blog post for the whole story here. We went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to Aruba, Curacao, Dominica, and St. Thomas.

Trying to dry up the tears in the Charleston Airport

After a super long day of traveling and stress and many tears shed, we are finally on our cruise ship

We hit up the casino for the penny slots and the quarter push game!

First full day was at sea. We relaxed by the pool...

We played putt putt golf
And it was the first formal night, so we got to dress up!
The next day was in Aruba which we took a cab to this beautiful beach!
That night was the love and marriage game show! It was soo funny!
And the midnight buffet!
Next stop was Curacao. We went shopping!
Me with our ship from Curacao.
For lunch, we ate at Johnny Rockets on the cruise ship!

We went ice skating on the ship one day.
We watched an ice skating show one day.

This fun excursion took place in Dominica. We went river tubing! So much fun!
We did get separated for awhile though :( Hubby in the blue helmet!
After the tubing, they took us to this beautiful waterfall!

Second formal night!
Honeymoon towel swans! We had many more towel animals too!
Our last stop was St. Thomas where we took an excursion to Magen's Bay
We bought our own snorkel gear on the ship...because we wanted to snorkel there!
Using my new digital camera which underwater capable!
There were way too many pics from our honeymoon to post but I hope you enjoyed the select few I posted! I definitely can't wait to go on another cruise! They are wonderful and I totally recommend them!

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