Monday, March 8, 2010

First Grade Funnies 1

This is my first year teaching and I am teaching first grade. I wanted to do a weekly series on fridays called "First Grade Funnies" but I just couldn't wait until Friday! I want to share my experiences as a first grade teacher. I wanted a place to write down all the funny and silly things I hear day to day.

We were doing president biography reports a couple weeks ago. We picked several presidents to study during the day and then each child chose a president to research and write a biography at home. We were doing Abraham Lincoln one day. We read a short kid friendly biography, wrote interesting things about Lincoln on chart paper and then transferred it to a graphic organizer. From there, the students had to write a paragraph biography about Lincoln. They were to show my their paragraph before getting the cartoon picture to color and paste above their paragraph. One little girl brought me her paragraph and I have her the picture. She then went to say "Mrs. Clark, why'd ya have to pick such a handsome picture of Abraham Lincoln? He's just reaching out his hand, wantn' someone to love him. It just makes me want to kiss him."

Needless to say, I was speechless and hysterically laughing!

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