Friday, March 3, 2017

Five on Friday-family and randomness

It's Friday, friends! Go link up with Natasha from Hello! Happiness. 

One. Our Home!

This pic was taken back in January during our "big" snow! Hah!

I am just so grateful for our beautiful home. The building process was frustrating and stressful at times-well maybe most of the time-but it was all worth it to live out on a beautiful piece of land. Of course when you build your *Lord-willing* forever home, there are some things you have to sacrifice or have to be willing to wait to make the upgrades and I am so glad we did what we did. We had planned on having a wrap around porch-my dream-and wait to build the garage/bonus room but I gave up my $$$ wrap around porch for the garage and bonus and I am so glad I did. We still have a nice front porch but having the garage and bonus have been so wonderful! I'm still planning on the add on wrap around porch someday but for now, we will rock on the front porch!

Two. This sweet girl and her love of slides! We went with a friend to Monkey's Treehouse yesterday and this girl had to try all the slides! She was brave and tried the big tube slide and loved it-as long as momma was down at the bottom to see when she came down! 

Three. Family dinner nights.

Around November, I started inviting my inlaws/sis in law/bro in law/nephew over on Thursday's for family dinner night. Since staying at home, it is nice to be able to help your family out and to be able to share a meal midish week together. My sis in law has to be gluten free due to celiac disease and my mother in law is allergic to corn as well as some other things. We have come up with some great meals that everyone can eat! I shared the links to a couple of those meal a few weeks ago. My favorite is still the chicken tortilla soup in the crockpot!

Four. Kids consignment sales.

This momma loves kids consignment sale season. Favorite things to buy/look for at the sales: holiday wear, swim suits, books, toys, SHOES, and really anything! We have snagged some cute summer clothes and some nice play shoes so far. I have my eye on a couple more sales coming up!

Five. Q and A book for moms. 


A five year journal. I am loving this book hubs gave me for Christmas. A question a day. Totally doable even if you miss a couple days, it's easy to catch up. *Click on the book and it will take you to amazon!*

What are you thankful for or loving this Friday? 

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