Wednesday, February 1, 2017


If you're a reader or have been in the past, then you know why my blog is called Teach*Run*Love. If you're a new reader, I taught for 7 years. The first 3 were teaching first grade and the last 4, I taught Kindergarten all at the same school. I taught the whole school year when I was pregnant except for the last 3 weeks when I was put on bed rest and then I went back in August after Olivia was born at the end of May to teach one more year. That year was one of the hardest of my life. Another post on that later...
I've thought about changing it lately because teaching and running aren't part of my everyday life lately but then I thought, I'm teaching my daughter new things everyday and I have things to share about my past teaching adventures and current (temporary) preschool adventures. 

How did she get so big? She loves "ool" (school), Mrs. Amy's preschool that I'm teaching right now while she is on maternity leave! 

For the running part, well it's been awhile. Like a LONG while since I've really ran besides chasing a toddler around. I keep saying I need to and want to get back into exercising but the actual doing it is so hard! Finding the time when your child gets up so early, inconsistent length of naps and by the time she goes to bed and I make dinner for Hubs and I (since he doesn't get home until 7:30-7:45) I'm just down right done! Trying to do a workout from a DVD, youtube or on the Xbox Kinect is pretty impossible when you have a little one either wanting to run around you or wanting you to hold her. If any of you have any ideas on how to do workouts with a toddler, let me know! We love walking outside but it's either been too rainy/wet in the field/gravel driveway or too cold. We are ready for spring minus the rain!
What are your tips for exercising with a toddler?
Any neat toddler teaching ideas?

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