Friday, January 27, 2017

Five on Friday

Five on Friday- Go link up with Natasha at Hello Happiness! 

1. Olivia's growing vocabulary.
Little one says new words everyday I feel like. She recently has an obsession with "Let it go" from Frozen or "got go" as she says all the time in a singing tune. When she says water, it is so cute. She pretends to go night night too and loves babies!

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2. Planning trips for the summer.
We have a few trips we are starting to plan. A beach trip that coincides with Hubs and FIL's golf trip to NC and a lake long weekend with my fam!

3. New recipes.

4. Family. I absolutely love my family. My hubs and little girl are my world! I love how much she loves her mommy and daddy and how she shows us her love. I love how she fold her hands to pray and how she says "may-man" for amen. My heart turns to mush when I see Hubs snuggle up with little girl to watch "let it go" for the 7 millionth time or takes her out to shoot "ball ball".  I wish I was able to see my parents and brothers/sis in laws more often but the drive to wv is still a little hard on Livi/Mommy. Especially if daddy can't come with us. We love to FaceTime with Grammy (woo woo/woof woof) and papa j. But in all honesty, she wants to see Tanner, the golden retriever. I'm so incredibly proud of my brothers. My brother Jacob has a fantastic job working for the Toyota plant and my brother Adam is in his rotations for PA school and will graduate in August. They have given me two sisters that I love so much! I adore the family I married into, as well! I do get to see my inlaws everyday! They are building a house right beside us and my sis in law, bro in law and nephew are building beside them. I love how much they all love on Olivia and take care of us too! Olivia loves her cousin, Ze, so much! It is adorable to see them laugh together.

5. Fun with friends.
I am so blessed with some wonderful friends! From my girlfriends who keep me sane and we can pick up where we left off if it's been awhile that we've gotten together to my friends who also stay at home with their kids to give us play date breaks, adult convo, and lunch dates out.

What would be your top 5 things that you love or are thankful for this Friday?

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Laura Darling said...

Your little family sounds so sweet! Have a great weekend!