Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Jamie for what I'm loving Wednesday again.. I need to be a better blogger but school is so crazy right now.

I'm loving that my new toy came in the mail yesterday! I'M SO PUMPED ABOUT IT!
I'm loving that spring break is merely 7 1/2 school days from now!!!! (Counting today)

I'm loving this amazing warm weather!!

I'm loving the challenge hubby and I have going on...the first to lose 20 pounds gets the others spending money for a month...Although, I'm progressing..I feel like men always have the upper hand with weight loss..ugh why can't I have his metabolism?

As always, I'm loving my family, friends and wonderful husband! Say a prayer for my Father-in-law today as he goes for his 3rd round of chemo.

Happy Wednesday!


Erin said...

OOoh, YAY for a new camera lens! Have you tried it out much yet?! I've been wanting a new lens but can't really decide what kind yet! :)

Kit said...

New lens = awesome

Jamie said...

Sending positive thoughts your father in law's way.

Allison said...

Hooray for your new lens! Have you tried it out yet??? Praying for your family!

Amanda said...

Good luck with your competition! Men always drop pounds so quick for some reason! But I'm sure you can do it :)