Thursday, March 15, 2012

Life gets in the way...

Sorry I've been a bad blogger over the past couple weeks. A lot has been going on so I'll share a quick update and then I'll blog more next week!

*I started my road to losing a couple pounds err 20 give or take last week. I did a 7 day fat burning soup diet (will post more later) last week. It was very tough but I turned down sweets every day last week and followed the diet to a T (for the most part ;) I lost 5 pounds last week and this week I took a week off, still ate pretty healthy but not as strict. Next week I'm going to start phase 1 of the South Beach diet.

*Report cards go home tomorrow = I've been SLAMMED with school work....

*I had my first photo shoot gig this week! I'll give you a sneak peak soon! I shot one of our dear friend's maternity pictures with her sweet little boy and husband!

* Time change has kicked my butt but I finally think I'm getting use to it.

2 weeks until Spring Break....can't come soon enough!

Have a great weekend!


Erin said...

The time change seriously messed w/ me too!! Glad your spring break is almost here ;)

Can't wait to see your photo shoot! yay!!

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

I want to see pictures from the photo shoot!! :)