Thursday, April 22, 2010

Barn Life-Engagment Edition!

So sorry to keep all you waiting for Barn Life Wednesdays (coming to you on Friday)

The day we got engaged. April 12, 2008

The Ring :)

So in love..and still so in love!

Next was, Kelsey! Engaged on Memorial Day 2008!

The RING!!
Kelsey and her, now Hubby, Lee!

Emily and James were engaged on November 7th, 2008
Emily's Ring!

And Roomie Katie finished off the Barn Girls getting engaged on February 10th, 2009

Katie's Ring is so special! The Center diamond came from her (now hubby) Matt's Great Grandmother!

Well there ya have it!! Rings and all the love we shared each time we got engaged!

Next week.....Barn Girls get MARRIED!!!

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Amber said...

love it :) love that all 4 of you got to experience it together.