Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My 32-35 week bump updates!

These last few weeks have been rough but I've made it through so far. I'm going to post pictures but not do the whole run down post for each of these weeks. Maybe a few little notes here and there but I have a belly book journal that I've been trying to keep up with so without further ado...

32 weeks: 
Momma's feet and ankles have been swelling. My bed is the recliner. It was a rough week emotionally and physically.  My second momma at school, Ms. Sindy, brought me flowers one afternoon when I was feeling really down in the dumps and my wonderful sectary friend, Christy, gave me a foot rub at my planning to help with my poor feet! I have the sweetest people to work with! 

33 weeks: 
The swelling continues. Have had mild contractions and more braxton hicks contractions this week. Mommy has 3 more baby showers this week and then we can work more on your nursery!
Momma went to the doc this week and had to do a 24 hour urine collection to test for protein incase I'm developing preeclampsia. 

34 weeks: 
 Mommy has had all of her baby showers (5 of them!! EEKKK! We are so very blessed!) We had a baby shower at our dear friend, Amy Szeliga's house. It was so lovely and wonderful! We got lots of cute outfits, books and necessities for you. We had a baby shower thrown by my wonderful team of teachers at school and it was just wonderful! :) 
We are excited about setting up your nursery. Grammy, Papa J, Uncle Jacob and Hannah came down and stayed with us that weekend for your last baby shower thrown at Aunt Kenzi's house. Gi Gi, Aunt Kenzi, Grandma Binion and Aunt Carolyn bought us your crib! I was so surprised, I cried! Your "aunties" Heather, Emily, Nicole and Whitney went in together and bought us your pack and play! We got lots of wonderful things for you, my sweet Olivia. Aunt Susan, Uncle Rod, Andy and Jana also came down and we got to go out to eat at MOTO with everyone! It was such a treat! Momma's feet and ankles are still swelling and the days are getting tougher and tougher. 

35 weeks: 

We went to the doctor this week. Momma barely passed her urine collection. With that being said, Doc put us on modified bed rest until you arrive. My last day of teaching Kindergarten was Friday May 1st. Momma's feet and ankles have been doing so much better now that I'm able to rest and relax. I get to do small things around the house but I mostly do things from the recliner with my feet propped up. Momma isn't allowed to go to the grocery store, malls, shops, school,etc. Your daddy has been so wonderful! Going to the store, cleaning up the kitchen, making meals. He is definitely a keeper! We had another ultrasound at your doc appt. Your sweet face in the 4d ultrasound took my breath away! I can't wait to hold you in my arms! You are also breech and a big girl (head and body) so at my 36 week appt, Doctor Redden will do another ultrasound to see if you've flipped and then decide what to do from there: if you've flipped we could still possibly have a regular birth but if you haven't, doc wants to schedule a c-section so you don't come breech. God has given me a peace about both options. I am grateful for that!

Miss Olivia Michelle Clark! We can't wait to meet you!

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